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 Marlborough State School

 Achieving and Improving

Our dedicated staff work in partnership with parents and the Marlborough community to ensure every child is achieving and improving. In partnership with our parents we develop students who are capable, optimistic and believe in honesty and trust.

Our key priorities are an unrelenting focus on attendance and improving reading, writing and numeracy in all students through a whole school pedagogical approach which includes explicit instruction. This means that all students will have high attendance and improve in reading, writing and numeracy because we focus on the best possible ways to teach.​

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  • Crocodile Education Visit

    Crocodile Education Visit

    05 Apr 2019

    This term the year K-2 class has been studying salt water crocodiles in science and geography...

  • Activpanel improves learning

    Activpanel improves learning

    05 Apr 2019

    The purchase of an activpanel board for the P-2 classroom has improved the learning opportunities...

  • 2019 Prep students

    2019 Prep students

    05 Apr 2019

    The 2019 prep students made a model of a salt water crocodile habitat. They were investigating a...

  • Maths Rotation activities Yr 3-6 class

    Maths Rotation activities Yr 3-6 class

    05 Apr 2019

    This group was super proud of themselves for being able to achieve matching every pair of numbers...




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